May 7, 2024

Seeking to Buy: 18th Century American Newspapers and Historical Paper

As an ABAA rare book dealer, I have a great interest in American historical paper. I’m especially looking to acquire 18th-century American newspapers for clients and Institutions. Below is a list of some of this publications. If you have any of these newspapers from the 18th century or similar publications in your possession – individual issues or bound volumes or runs – and are interested in selling, please contact me : webuyrarebooks@gmaiil or text photos to 646-469-1851

  1. Boston Gazette (Boston, Massachusetts)
  2. The Pennsylvania Gazette (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
  3. New-York Gazette (New York, New York)
  4. The Virginia Gazette (Williamsburg, Virginia)
  5. South-Carolina Gazette (Charleston, South Carolina)
  6. Newport Mercury (Newport, Rhode Island)
  7. Maryland Gazette (Annapolis, Maryland)
  8. The Connecticut Gazette (New Haven, Connecticut)
  9. The New Hampshire Gazette (Portsmouth, New Hampshire)
  10. The Georgia Gazette (Savannah, Georgia)
  11. The Providence Gazette (Providence, Rhode Island)
  12. The North-Carolina Gazette (New Bern, North Carolina)
  13. The South Carolina Gazette and Country Journal (Charleston, South Carolina)
  14. The Maryland Gazette (Baltimore, Maryland)
  15. The New-England Chronicle (Boston, Massachusetts)
  16. The New-York Mercury (New York, New York)
  17. The Boston News-Letter (Boston, Massachusetts)
  18. The New-York Journal (New York, New York)
  19. The New Jersey Gazette (Burlington, New Jersey)
  20. The Pennsylvania Journal (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
  21. The Virginia Gazette (Norfolk, Virginia)
  22. The Boston Evening-Post (Boston, Massachusetts)
  23. The Providence Gazette and Country Journal (Providence, Rhode Island)
  24. The Charleston Morning Post and Daily Advertiser (Charleston, South Carolina)
  25. The Maryland Gazette (Frederick, Maryland)
  26. The Salem Gazette (Salem, Massachusetts)
  27. The Hartford Courant (Hartford, Connecticut)
  28. The New-York Chronicle (New York, New York)
  29. The Pennsylvania Chronicle (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
  30. The Massachusetts Gazette (Boston, Massachusetts)
  31. The New-Jersey Gazette (Trenton, New Jersey)
  32. The New Hampshire Gazette and Historical Chronicle (Portsmouth, New Hampshire)
  33. The Pennsylvania Packet (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
  34. The Augusta Chronicle (Augusta, Georgia)
  35. The New York Gazette and Weekly Mercury (New York, New York)
  36. The Maryland Journal and Baltimore Advertiser (Baltimore, Maryland)
  37. The American Gazette (Williamsburg, Virginia)
  38. The Virginia Gazette (Richmond, Virginia)
  39. The Connecticut Courant (Hartford, Connecticut)
  40. The Independent Gazetteer (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
  41. The New-London Gazette (New London, Connecticut)
  42. The Maryland Gazette (Westminster, Maryland)
  43. The New Hampshire Gazette (Exeter, New Hampshire)
  44. The Virginia Gazette (Winchester, Virginia)
  45. The Salem Mercury (Salem, Massachusetts)
  46. The New-York Gazette and Weekly Post-Boy (New York, New York)
  47. The New-Jersey Journal (Elizabethtown, New Jersey)
  48. The Essex Gazette (Salem, Massachusetts)
  49. The Georgia Gazette (Augusta, Georgia)
  50. The South-Carolina and American General Gazette (Charleston, South Carolina)

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