About Rare Book Buyer

I have been involved in rare books and manuscripts for over 30 years, first continuing in the family tradition of rare book collecting, and then professionally. Over the years, I have made many wonderful discoveries from an unknown manuscript of Sir Isaac Newton regarding the Royal Mint to the more recently rescued copy of a unrecorded signed Dicken’s Christmas Carol, which was successfully returned to the town of  Malton in North Yorskshire. I have helped place books in many Universities, rare book libraries and museums, including Yale, the British Library, the Jewish Museum, Notre Dame etc. and have worked as well with innumerable private collectors throughout the world. I pride myself on my integrity, paying fair prices, placing great books in appreciative homes, and establishing long term relationships with my clients. Feel free to contact me at webuyrarebooks@gmail.com.
Adam Weinberger, ABAA
Founder, RareBookBuyer.com  owned by Adam Weinberger Books