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May 13, 2024

Wanted Books of Hours and Medieval Manuscripts

As an ABAA dealer specializing in rare books and manuscripts, I am constantly on the lookout for quality examples of medieval manuscripts, illuminated manuscripts, and Books of Hours. These historical treasures offer a unique glimpse into the art, culture, and religious practices of the Middle Ages. Medieval manuscripts are handwritten documents, often adorned with intricate illuminations and miniatures that showcase the artistic talents of the period. Whether you’re a collector, a historian, or simply an enthusiast, these manuscripts provide a tangible connection to the past, making them highly sought after and cherished.

One of the most captivating aspects of medieval manuscripts is the illumination. Illuminated manuscripts are decorated with gold, silver, and vibrant colors that make the text and illustrations come to life. These illuminations were painstakingly created by skilled scribes and artists, often working in monastic settings. The detailed miniatures in these manuscripts depict religious scenes, daily life, and even fantastical creatures, offering a rich visual narrative that complements the written word. Collectors of illuminated manuscripts appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship that went into each piece, making them prized additions to any collection.

As a dedicated ABAA dealer, I offer free evaluations of medieval manuscripts, Books of Hours, and illuminated miniatures. Whether you are looking to sell or simply want to know more about the historical and monetary value of your manuscript, I am here to help. My expertise and passion for these rare items ensure that you receive a thorough and accurate assessment. Please contact or text photos to 6464691851

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May 7, 2024

First Edition Book of Mormon : Astonishing Rise in Value


As an ABAA rare book dealer with a passion for historical treasures, I’m actively seeking early pre-1850 editions of the Book of Mormon and other Mormon-related and early Utah and Salt Lake City materials. Please contact me at or text photos to 646-469-1851. Let’s explore two noteworthy auction records that highlight the increasing value of the Book of Mormon over time (records redacted from the database)

  1. Auction Record 1:
    • Source Record Number: VESPUCCI-79
    • Description: This 1830 first edition of The Book of Mormon lacks the index issued after its publication but retains its testimonial leaf at the end. Despite some stains and wear, it remains historically significant. Bound in contemporary sheep, this 8vo edition was printed in Palmyra by E. B. Grandin.
    • Price: Sold for GBP 26 in 1957
  2. Auction Record 2:
    • Source Record Number: 523-24
    • Title: The Book of Mormon: An Account Written by the Hand of Mormon, upon Plates Taken from the Plates of Nephi.
    • Description: This 1830 first edition of The Book of Mormon, printed in Palmyra, is a prized artifact. It lists Joseph Smith as the “author and proprietor” and includes a 2-page preface. With numerous textual variations, very few identical copies exist. This copy includes unique textual variations and lacks the index pages found in later copies.
    • Price: Sold for USD 120,000 in 2023

These auction records vividly demonstrate the Book of Mormon’s remarkable journey from modest beginnings to highly prized collectible. If you possess early pre-1850 editions of the Book of Mormon or other Mormon-related materials and are considering selling, please reach out to me. As an ABAA rare book dealer, I am committed to preserving these invaluable pieces of history and placing them in collections and Institutions.

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May 7, 2024

Seeking to Buy: 18th Century American Newspapers and Historical Paper

As an ABAA rare book dealer, I have a great interest in American historical paper. I’m especially looking to acquire 18th-century American newspapers for clients and Institutions. Below is a list of some of this publications. If you have any of these newspapers from the 18th century or similar publications in your possession – individual issues or bound volumes or runs – and are interested in selling, please contact me : webuyrarebooks@gmaiil or text photos to 646-469-1851

  1. Boston Gazette (Boston, Massachusetts)
  2. The Pennsylvania Gazette (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
  3. New-York Gazette (New York, New York)
  4. The Virginia Gazette (Williamsburg, Virginia)
  5. South-Carolina Gazette (Charleston, South Carolina)
  6. Newport Mercury (Newport, Rhode Island)
  7. Maryland Gazette (Annapolis, Maryland)
  8. The Connecticut Gazette (New Haven, Connecticut)
  9. The New Hampshire Gazette (Portsmouth, New Hampshire)
  10. The Georgia Gazette (Savannah, Georgia)
  11. The Providence Gazette (Providence, Rhode Island)
  12. The North-Carolina Gazette (New Bern, North Carolina)
  13. The South Carolina Gazette and Country Journal (Charleston, South Carolina)
  14. The Maryland Gazette (Baltimore, Maryland)
  15. The New-England Chronicle (Boston, Massachusetts)
  16. The New-York Mercury (New York, New York)
  17. The Boston News-Letter (Boston, Massachusetts)
  18. The New-York Journal (New York, New York)
  19. The New Jersey Gazette (Burlington, New Jersey)
  20. The Pennsylvania Journal (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
  21. The Virginia Gazette (Norfolk, Virginia)
  22. The Boston Evening-Post (Boston, Massachusetts)
  23. The Providence Gazette and Country Journal (Providence, Rhode Island)
  24. The Charleston Morning Post and Daily Advertiser (Charleston, South Carolina)
  25. The Maryland Gazette (Frederick, Maryland)
  26. The Salem Gazette (Salem, Massachusetts)
  27. The Hartford Courant (Hartford, Connecticut)
  28. The New-York Chronicle (New York, New York)
  29. The Pennsylvania Chronicle (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
  30. The Massachusetts Gazette (Boston, Massachusetts)
  31. The New-Jersey Gazette (Trenton, New Jersey)
  32. The New Hampshire Gazette and Historical Chronicle (Portsmouth, New Hampshire)
  33. The Pennsylvania Packet (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
  34. The Augusta Chronicle (Augusta, Georgia)
  35. The New York Gazette and Weekly Mercury (New York, New York)
  36. The Maryland Journal and Baltimore Advertiser (Baltimore, Maryland)
  37. The American Gazette (Williamsburg, Virginia)
  38. The Virginia Gazette (Richmond, Virginia)
  39. The Connecticut Courant (Hartford, Connecticut)
  40. The Independent Gazetteer (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
  41. The New-London Gazette (New London, Connecticut)
  42. The Maryland Gazette (Westminster, Maryland)
  43. The New Hampshire Gazette (Exeter, New Hampshire)
  44. The Virginia Gazette (Winchester, Virginia)
  45. The Salem Mercury (Salem, Massachusetts)
  46. The New-York Gazette and Weekly Post-Boy (New York, New York)
  47. The New-Jersey Journal (Elizabethtown, New Jersey)
  48. The Essex Gazette (Salem, Massachusetts)
  49. The Georgia Gazette (Augusta, Georgia)
  50. The South-Carolina and American General Gazette (Charleston, South Carolina)

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December 10, 2023

BUYING Inscribed First Editions and Significant Literary Works

Seeking Inscribed First Editions and Significant Literary Works – Top Prices Offered by an ABAA Rare Book Dealer

As an established ABAA rare book dealer, I am currently buying inscribed first editions and important works of literature. I am looking to acquire these unique and valuable items, offering competitive prices for the right pieces, often higher than can be obtained through rare book auction.

When evaluating inscribed first editions and significant literary works, I consider several critical factors. The author’s significance, the book’s condition, the rarity of the inscription, and the edition’s historical and literary importance are key aspects of my assessment. The context and content of the inscription can greatly enhance the book’s value, especially if it provides unique insights into the author or the work itself. My expertise in rare books ensures a thorough and accurate appraisal of these items.

As a member of the ABAA, I conduct all transactions with the utmost professionalism and integrity. If you possess inscribed first editions or essential works of literature and are considering selling them, I offer free evaluations to help you understand their market value. This service is designed to provide you with a knowledgeable and transparent assessment of your items.

If you are interested in selling your rare literary pieces, please contact me for a prompt and fair evaluation. Send photos of your items to or text them to 646-469-1851. My commitment is to offer top prices for important books. This is an excellent opportunity for you to sell your inscribed first editions and significant literary works to an experienced and serious dealer.

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December 9, 2023


A Step-by-Step Guide to Evaluating Rare Books by an Experienced ABAA Rare Book Dealer

So, I am experimenting with ChatGPT writing blog posts. Many sites give useful information on how to value an old or rare book. The summary below is entirely written by ChaptGPT. If you need an evaluation outside of AI, but from old fashioned bookseller intelligence ;). feel fee to contact me with photos at

As an ABAA rare book dealer with years of experience, I follow a meticulous process to evaluate the value of rare books. This process is comprehensive, considering various aspects that contribute to a book’s worth. Here, I outline the detailed steps and considerations involved, along with references to helpful research websites.

1. Initial Research and Price Comparison: The evaluation starts with initial research, often using websites like AbeBooks,, and RareBookHub. These platforms provide a wealth of information on retail asking prices, offering a preliminary idea of a book’s market standing. It’s important to remember that these prices are initial asking prices and may not always reflect the actual market value.

2. Physical Examination: A thorough physical examination of the book is crucial. This includes assessing the book’s condition – examining the binding, pages, dust jackets (if applicable), and any restorations or repairs. The book’s physical state significantly impacts its value.

3. Rarity and Demand: The rarity and demand for the book are next on the list. Factors like the edition (with first editions usually being more valuable), printing history, and the number of copies available are key. The book’s demand among collectors and its current popularity also play a role in determining its value.

4. Historical and Literary Significance: A book’s historical and literary significance is another vital factor. Works that have made a significant impact on literature or culture are often more valuable.

5. Provenance and Association Copies: Provenance, or the book’s ownership history, can add considerable value, particularly if it has connections to notable individuals. Association copies, especially those inscribed or signed by the author to someone of significance, are highly sought after.

6. Market Trends and Comparative Analysis: Understanding current market trends is essential. This involves analyzing recent sale prices of similar books, using the data available on sites like and RareBookHub, which provide insights into auction records and private sales.

7. Final Valuation: Combining all these factors, a final valuation is made. This valuation is an informed estimate of the book’s worth in the current market, considering its physical state, rarity, historical significance, and market trends.

If you have a book you’re curious about, please send detailed photos and any known history of the book to or text 646-469-1851 for a professional and comprehensive appraisal, offered free of charge. This service provides you with an expert evaluation of your book’s market value.

In summary, valuing rare books is a complex process that goes beyond surface-level research. It requires expertise in assessing a book’s condition, rarity, historical significance, and understanding the nuances of the current market. As an experienced ABAA rare book dealer, I am here to offer you this expertise and help you uncover the true value of your rare books.

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