December 18, 2019

Value of an Old Vellum Music Manuscript – Antiphonal

I adore antiphonals.  They are often massive volumes of calf over boards, with metal bosses, with the music and chants handwritten on vellum.  Although they are becoming less and less common in commerce – they are surprisingly inexpensive compared with other medieval and renaissance manuscripts when they do pop up at auction.

Many were purchased by tourists in Spain- especially post WWII and brought back to the Sates as objects of great curiosity.  I had a couple enquiries recently regarding some that were inherited in separate families – and understandably the sellers thought they could be worth small fortune (some are  if illuminated or have important provenance, or are especially early).  I made the video below to showcase one in the gallery here and what it is worth as an example.

If you have one, reach out and I am always happy to evaluate you manuscript.


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